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Itihaspratidin.com is one in every of the foremost fashionable Bangla news portals in Bangladesh. The web news portal has started its operations with the commitment of fearless, fact-finding, informative and neutral journalism.

Itihaspratidin.com has provided real time news update, victimization utmost trendy technology since 2021. It conjointly provides archive of previous news, and printing facility of the precise news things.

One will simply notice the latest news and high breaking headlines from Bangladesh and around the world inside a quick span of it slow from the net news portal.

Itihaspratidin.com, the Bangladesh’s leading on-line news portal, is change 24/7 with diversion, lifestyle, special reports, politics, economics, culture, education, data technology, health, sports, columns and options.

The news-based website enriched with all the weather of country’s ancient newspapers. A bunch of minor journalists square measure operating for the net news portal.

Itihaspratidin.com is making an attempt to create a bridge with Bengali language individuals around the world and wish to form a replacement dimension to the country’s on-line news portal.

Fact-checking is taken under consideration along of the foremost necessary parts of journalism. Itihaspratidin.com cross-checks the information many times before business enterprise it to its website. We’ve got correspondents altogether the sixty-four districts of the country.

These large numbers of correspondents across the country helped itihaspratidin.com to cover totally different news and to want statements from each of the involved sides of any incident whereas creating any news. Besides, our correspondents assure the information provided by the witnesses, locals and administration.

Itihaspratidin.com continuously tries to produce correct data to its audience. However, mistakes will happen in journalism despite following correct procedures. In these circumstances, itihaspratidin.com does not hesitate to acknowledge the error.

After checking the facts properly, the target of itihaspratidin.com is to tell its readers, as quickly as attainable, what was wrong and what is correct. We tend to tried to create the issue terribly clear to any or all or any of our audience as anyone would be able to perceive however and why that mistake has been corrected.

In times of major correction, itihaspratidin.com provides a ‘rejoinder’ at its website, which we tend to clearly indicate the amendment.
The Editor leads all the departments as well as news, news and editorial units of itihaspratidin.com. The Editor, however, is power-assisted by chief newsman and news editor.

There square measure selected ‘In-charges’ of every department to run the progress of their various groups. The chief newsman leads the news team whereas the news editor is accountable for the central table of itihaspratidin.com. All alternative departments as well as digital, technology and internet, sports, diversion, international, English, country and have square measure headed by the In-charges of the various departments.

All the department heads square measure power-assisted by the senior sub-editors.The analysis and development department square measure chargeable for writing editorials, opinions and columns in line with the instruction of the Editor of itihaspratidin.com. Additionally, they conjointly collect editorials from alternative noted writers.

The Admin and Human Resources department is chargeable for management the complete management as well as the accounts, production, store and institution units. The Accounts department square measure involved for the finance and accounts sections of itihaspratidin.com.